Doing Meaningful and Measurable Good in Pierce County

Toys for TotsThe PCMARVETS philanthropic organization was founded as an 501(c)4 organization, by Marine Corps Veterans.  Our goal is to provide meaningful and measurable good to our veterans and their families in Pierce County. PCMARVETS will never allow our veterans and their families to suffer the neglect received by our past veterans.

Our mobile field office has been on the road for over 1 year. By us travelling to veteran's towns, homes and care centers we are able to inform the veteran of the benefits they may be eligible for. There are alot of veterans and widows of veterans that have no idea what is out there. In the past year we were able to reach over 500 veterans.  To be able to reach that many veterans and assist them in receiving VA benefits is an amazing feeling. We are on the road 3-4 days a week. Please check out our events scheduled. Programs page to find out how you can become involved.  We are working hard to do meaningful and measureable good for our community.

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